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Posted by Cambridge on November 9, 2018, 2:58 pm

Cambridge Heating and Cooling’ is the top heating and cooling contractor in Scarborough, Toronto serving over 19 years of business excellence. We pride ourselves in being the largest online distributors of HVAC systems in Toronto & Ottawa region. The chilly nights and damp winter days are upon us so it’s time to ensure your furnace is running smoothly and efficiently.
We at Cambridge Heating and Cooling are here to make sure it’s well maintained by our highly skilled and professionally trained technicians available at your doorstep! The tune-ups offered can help identify potential problems so you can avoid costly breakdowns and help keep the energy costs low.

Cambridge Heating and Cooling offers a hassle-free tune-up that includes:

24 x 7 Emergency service
Thorough inspection of all components of your furnace
High-pressure air and vacuum cleaning of all furnace components such as blower and fan compartment, pulleys and belts
Removing all dust and debris from the blades of fan helps prevent the blower motor from burning out.
Checking central air evaporator coil (A-coil) for proper air flow
Checking of electrical wires and contacts for wear, and replacement of faulty igniter and/or flame sensor
Examination of the condensation drain coil line to ensure it’s free from clogs (which, if present, could cause water to leak down into your furnace)
Correcting the commonly reported problem “filter bypass”
This problem often occurs when a furnace filter or rack is ill-fitted or a cheap furnace filter is used. Dust and contaminants sneak around your furnace filter and into your home. If this condition is present, the technician can offer some suggestions for alleviating filter bypass
Adjustment of any other necessary controls
Performing a complete safety check for ensuring safe and reliable operation for the entire season
Testing the entire unit by putting it through a full operation cycle
Best of all? Our highly professional and informed technician will share tips and more information on how you can extend the lifespan of your furnace and related HVAC equipment. With no additional charge for after-hours service, we promise you the expert service your home deserves.

What we do in Furnace Repair Services :

Clean your Furnace filter.
Check flues or vents for cracks or blockages.
Check the condensate drain to make sure it is properly attached and flowing freely.
Clean out door exhaust vents.
Replace the frayed belts for older units.
Examine the carbon monoxide levels.
Examine the operation of thermostat and safety controls.
Check the navigation and the motor.
Examine the blower functions and alignment.
Examine if there is any dangerous wreckage in the duct and the chimney.
Check the filter and renew it if needed.
Check the gas pipes for leakages and blockages.
Put burners into proper working mode.

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