Buy a GIA Certified Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Posted by Skyjems on February 13, 2019, 6:43 am

Skyjems is the biggest online marketplace for buying Blue Sapphire Gemstones, Jewelry Stone, rings, necklaces and much more. So if you want a quality and certified gemstone online, then visits at our established online market and order a 2.56 CT Blue Sapphire Gemstone Cushion GIA Certified Sri Lanka. Check the detailed specifications below:
One Loose Blue Sapphire
Report Number: 5192938209
Weight: 2.56 cts
Measurements: 9.04x6.82x4.37 mm
Shape: Cushion
Cutting Style Crown: Modified Brilliant Cut
Cutting Style Pavilion: Step Cut
Transparency: Transparent
Clarity: Very Slightly Included: Very minor inclusions visible to the naked/unaided eye, inclusions easily visible under 10x magnification.
Colour: Blue
Treatment: Heated
Origin: Sri Lanka (Sometimes called 'Ceylon' in the gem trade)

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